Saturday, 31 March 2007

16 weeks to go

OK, so actually thats ages, but we went to our local Waterstones today to check if they were doing a midnight release party for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and they are, so we pre-ordered our copies. Thats right, copies. There are only 2 of us, but we have to get 2 copies so we can read it at the same time - this will be the third release we've done it for.

The first time, for Order of the Phoenix, we also had our first big boxes of Krispy Kremes, because the Penrith one had just opened - junk food is definitely an integral part of the first read, because you don't have to go to any effort, or more importantly time away from the book, preparing it. That book was massive and I ended up having to get some sleep about two-thirds of the way through, but Graeme read it straight through and then slept, before proceeding to dance around me while I finished so we could talk about it.

Both times, we just got them from the massive piles in Target at 9am (when it is released in Australia), then gave our second copy to my family because they weren't quite as eager as we were. This time, Graeme decided he wanted to get the adult cover, so we're getting one of each and will probably end up keeping both :)

So, if anyone else is in London, we'll be at Waterstones on Chiswick High Road on the evening of 20 July, eagerly awaiting the 21st.

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  1. So you will be spending the evening of Callum's 10th birthday waiting for the last HP! I am beginning to think this reading a book a year with C is overrated and I want to read them all and catch up so I understand all the things you talk about - I am so going to have to not read your website once you have read it!!! Well not much use really as am sure to find out about it somewhere in the next 5yrs!!!