Friday, 16 March 2007

HP Friday 5

1. Which character evolution has been your favorite to read, and why?
Harry's obviously, because that is the focus of the books, but I also love the way Neville has come/is coming into his own, from the kid who lets Hermione boss him around to the Neville at the end of book 6 - wow.
2. When Harry was originally sorted, the Sorting Hat told him he'd make a good Slytherin. How do you think Snape would have treated Harry had he been sorted into his own house?
See, I have trouble with questions like this, because I am very much of the mind that the story doesn't work unless he is sorted into Gryffindor.
But, ok, since you asked, from a purely hypothetical situation, imagining these are real people and their fate wasn't determined by the writing of a series of books... I think Snape would've been more cautious of Harry (rumours that Harry was going to be the next dark wizard, anyone?), but I don't think he'd have been any nicer. Wouldn't have docked so many house points though, thats for sure.
3. Do you give any creedence to the "McGonagall is a spy" theory? Why or why not?
Nope, none. I think this is one of those theories developed by people who have way too much time on their hands and are reading into things that just aren't there. I mean, I get the idea of Snape being a constant red herring to throw you off, but McGonagall? Pfffffft
4. Which character do you get a sense is JK Rowling's favorite? Why?
Other than Harry, who she has to love to write about him for so long (you know, besides the fact she's said as much), I think she loves writing a lot of the characters, but especially the other two members of the trio... and their blossoming romance :)
5. We all know that the last word of Book 7 is "scar." Write what you'd love to see as the last sentence, and make sure to include "scar" as the final word!
oh, this is so hard. everything i can think of is really lame/corny.
i wanna say something along the lines of:
Harry had a constant reminder of those he had loved and lost, whenever he caught a glimpse of his reflection and saw that scar.
but less lame

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