Thursday, 22 March 2007


so, i didn't actually end up doing the day in the life thing. i started to, but my day was even more boring than usual, so there is no exciting results to share. i did, however, take a self-portrait (since we are up to k on the alphabet shoot challenge and i had no better idea than k=kate...)


i set up my tripod in the living room, used the rug as my background and took a bunch of photos. then i made graeme choose the best :)
notice i have a fringe at the moment? i got frustrated with the length and just chopped it - it ended up shorter than i'd planned, but i kinda like it (once i got over the fact that i haven't had a fringe like this since the early 90s)

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  1. Yes where are the school photos - you look quite different when you have a fringe. Did you hear about teaching.