Saturday, 24 March 2007

HP Friday 5

1. Do you think Dumbledore, ultimately, did the right thing by leaving Harry with the Dursleys when he was a baby?
Well, yes, because he needed the whole blood protection thing to work so Harry would actually stay alive, right? Sure, the Dursleys are an excellent example of biggest jerks on the planet, but Harry survived and probably came out of the whole experience a much stronger kid than if he had been pampered his whole life.
2. What minor, non-Voldemort-related plot would you most like to see revisited?
Following on from Q1, I will be very disappointed if we don't find out more about Harry's family and why it is that the Dursleys are the only ones he has left.
3. Which character do you think would be most likely to betray others in their organisation (be it the Order, the DA, or even the Death Eaters)?
Other than Snape? Someone like Mundungus who's only in it for themselves, or maybe a Malfoy, now that their family is in total chaos.
4. Will the climax of book 7 be an epic battle? If not, then what?
I have NO idea. And whatever I say will be wrong for sure. Obviously Voldemort has to be defeated, but how exactly that will happen is basically the biggest mystery remaining, so I'm not going to even guess.
5. Will you be there for the release of book 7 at midnight?
YES! I'm quite excited about this, because its never been an option before (since the books get released at 9am in Australia). Although we haven't decided where yet (we live in London, but have even considered the trek to Edinburgh), so if anyone has any great suggestions, please let me know.

Oh, and just FYI - I wrote most of that while watching Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) on The Jonathon Ross Show

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