Monday, 12 March 2007

HP Friday 5

OK, so its Monday... and this is actually an older set of questions... because, well, I'm lazy and some of the questions get too spoiler-ish for me to post here.

1. Pick your favourite subject back at school - what do you suppose is its magical subject counterpart? I liked all the creative subjects in school (no surprise there) and I'm not sure they have a magical counterpart - maybe Divination, because its all about making junk up :)

2. Would you rather be a Pure-blood or a Half-blood? Why? I think the point of the books is supposed to be that it doesn't actually matter - like race, so I don't really care. If I was a pure-blood though, I'd hope to be part of a Weasley-type family rather than a Malfoy one.

3. What job would you ideally have in the wizarding world? This took me awhile, but then I figured it out. One of my "dream jobs" that would be EVEN better in the wizarding world - photographer. All that puff of smoke stuff and the moving pictures - awesome. Or, the person who paints the moving/talking portraits. Yeah. I'm sure most people say some job in the Ministry or something, but we all know the Ministry are Morons.

4. Given the opportunity, would you ever use a love potion? No.

5. Have you ever named a pet/child/inanimate object after a Potter character? Well, I often refer to my iPod as Harry, mainly because I use it to listen to the audiobooks quite a lot. Other than that... not yet. I do say a lot how I want a puppy named Sirius, or a rat named Scabbers, or how we could named our kids Seamus or Hermione or any other random HP name that I decide I like... Maybe they'll get HP middle names :)

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