Wednesday, 21 March 2007

The DaVinci Code

I just realised I never wrote what I thought about this.

OK, so Graeme read the book ages ago, in the very early stages of all the hype. I thought the guy who wrote it sounded like a wanker, and as I do when I am offended by someone or something, I tend to ignore whatever it is they are doing and getting attention for. Not that I was offended by what he had written (I had, after all, never read it and had no right to speak to that [which leads to a tangential rant about those people who criticise Harry Potter without reading it, but I'll let that go, for now]) I was just offended by the instant mass appeal this guy had and how he claimed to be revealing the truth - dude, its a work of fiction and from what I had heard about the plot, it illicited from me a big so-what?

And then the movie came out and I was still rebelling against it. Sometimes, when you don't partake in an element of popular culture, you get stubborn about never participating (right, Sharon and everyone else who has never seen Titanic?). Then it came out on DVD and Graeme, of course, bought it, having not seen it yet because I refused to go to the cinema with him to see it.

So when I decided to do 101 things in 1001 days and added the "Australia's Favourite Books" list to my things to do, I was kinda annoyed that The Da Vinci Code was on it (and especially because it was so high up, but then that was probably because of when the list was made) because it meant I would finally have to read the thing. Usually, I prefer to read the book before I see the film, but Graeme really wanted to watch it, so we watched it a couple weeks ago. The film was OK - enough suspense, didn't spoil the twist early or anything, but nothing very memorable. So the next day I figured I may as well get the book over and done with too, figuring it would be a pretty quick read since I already knew the plot. I actually thought the book was better (as usual) because it took them longer to solve the puzzles and whatnot. It was paced well and kept you guessing, but in the end, it didn't create a massive reaction in me - just more so what? I'm not having a crisis of faith over the contents of a fictional work.

If you're worried about spoilers, I suggest you stop reading here

And anyway, so what if Jesus was married and/or had children? Does that really change who he was or what he did? And so what if the Catholic Church have been trying to hide it for forever - I don't care, because they are whack anyway. Although, I guess I can see why people IN the Catholic Church got a bit pissy, with claims they have been trying for centuries to murder a bunch of people. But again, just because the guy CLAIMED it was based on fact and such, doesn't mean it was.

I'm sure other people have written similar reviews to this, but I'll probably never read them, because it just doesn't affect my life that much.


  1. See there are good reasons for not bending to pressure and watching such drivel - like I'm sure Titanic would be :). And from your previous post - miss having you here for face to face conversation too!

  2. LOL you are SOOOO the daughter of her father. He enjoyed the book (I have still not read it) but is not interested in seeing the movie. And as for your end comments - yeah so what - I agree.