Friday, 9 March 2007

The Lady from Dubuque

On Tuesday night, we went once again to the theatre on the West End. I have to say, this whole west end thing is one of the few parts of living in London that I will miss when we move home. Anyway, we got the tickets through Graeme's work, as usual. Usually, unless it's for a show he knows we both want to see, he checks with me before he asks for tickets. This time, however, he didn't ask - the sole reason being Maggie Smith. Yes, THE Dame Maggie Smith is playing the title role in this limited season of a play I'd, admittedly, never heard of. No matter what the play, you don't pass up an opportunity to see Maggie Smith live on stage, do you?

Actually, the play was really good. A bit strange, but then the guy who wrote it is considered a pioneer of American absurdism. Plus, I like when we can walk out of the theatre and have a discussion about what it was supposed to mean. And Maggie Smith? She and Peter Francis James, as Oscar, totally stole the show.

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