Thursday, 15 March 2007

more flickr fun

If you click here you will get to a map of the world. On that map, will be the location of many of the photos on my flickr account (I don't put the ones I took at home on there for fairly obvious reasons). I plan to upload my best photo or two from all the places we've been so that my map will be covered in pink dots. At the moment, its not too exciting. Although if you do go play with it, I offer 2 pieces of advice:
1. zoom right in there - i've tried to place the photos as close as possible to exactly where they were taken.
2. be warned that it sometimes has a meltdown and can take a little while to load...

have fun.

eta (thats edited to add, not estimated time of arrival): to preserve people's privacy, I am choosing choice spots nearby to place photos. for example, the photos i took at sharon's over christmas have been placed at the intersection of the M4 and the Nepean River. if you think this is still too revealing, let me know and i'll take them off the map

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