Friday, 11 May 2007

2007 Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final

I did this last year and thought it'd be fun to do it again. After all, I've got nothing better to do on a Thursday night.

01 Bulgaria
A very "Eurovision" song - repetitive lyrics that you can't understand, a voice that isn't really all that great and a gimmick, this time the collection of drums on the stage. This song was out staged by the Finnish clips either side of it - too funny.

02 Israel
The dude with the funny double guitar, the political statement I think they were trying to make, the accordion player with the pipe in his mouth, the man-made crossovers "push the button, push the button, push the bu, push the bu, push the button", the crazy mix of language and musical styles, the crazy band members who looked like they all come from a different musical era - this song had something for everyone.

03 Cyprus
I don't get songs that use the same dance bit as a bunch of other songs have used before them - instead of focusing on the song you are wracking your brain to work out what other song you've heard the exact same riff in. The first of what will probably be many middle-aged woman pretending they are still teenagers.

04 Belarus
I liked their cool set flats - the stretched fabric that allowed them to stand on hidden blocks behind without breaking the line of whiteness.

05 Iceland
This dude has the aging rocker look totally down. Graeme informs me that’s because he is. The song was OK.

06 Georgia
Best-dressed female so far - I like the detail on the side, back and arm. Pretty un-memorable though.

07 Montenegro
Promising start…

...but we didn't watch more than about 30 seconds because we decided we would rather watch Lost and get our Eurovision fix on Saturday night. I'll be back then.

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  1. LOL! We were on our College Camp when this was on TV and Gaelan and I were so sick of the drunks we sat in front of the TV and flicked between it and the AFL. LOL. I love Eurovision. You, me, next year's competition, ok?