Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Graeme's haircut

A couple of weeks ago, I got sick of Graeme looking like a bogan and gave him a haircut. This isn't really that exciting, I am just telling you so I can show you this picture I took of him...


This is what he looked like when I was done:

post haircut

Oh, and notice the dark line along his chin? He's decided to grow a beard/goatee/thing - its pretty slow going, but I'll try and take a photo so you can laugh at him some more :)


  1. I got bored of the goatee thing this morning and shaved it off... sorry

  2. d'oh

    never fear, faithful readers, I will make him grow it back just so I can get a photo

  3. Ohh and I was looking forward to the goatee shot!! Hang in there Kate!

  4. How did you get photos of him with his hair clipped up like that. He is very game to let you publish them both here and on flickr

  5. i dunno - i put his hair up so i could chop the bottom and just took a photo. as shy as he tends to be, there are some things he just doesn't care about, i guess