Sunday, 13 May 2007

2007 Eurovision Song Contest

My notes, taken while watching the live broadcast… I imagine they won't mean much if you didn’t watch (and maybe even if you did), but they might be funny to read as you watch it, for those people back in Oz - I assume they still show it on Sunday night...

Terry Wogan, talking about how the dude from Lordi is from Lapland, near Santa, seriously just said: "By the way kids, I ate one of Santa's reindeers yesterday… delicious"

01 Bosnia & Herzegovina
What's with her skirt? She looks like she's wearing a fairly nice dress, but has put the tulle underskirt on top instead. If you want to keep my attention in Eurovision, you need a more interesting song or something funny to watch… oh wait, what's that guy got on his head?

02 Spain
I thought there were 5 members of the Backstreet Boys…
The chicks pretending to bang drums add nothing.

The little clips in between are so funny - usually the countries try to show off how great they are, with ancient monuments and clips of all their pretty inhabitants and such, but the Finnish obviously don't take themselves too seriously.

03 Belarus
Oh, this is the dude with the cool sets and Matrix dancers from the semi-final. I swear Eurovision is caught in a time warp - the shiny shirt and exposed chest are so 90s.

04 Ireland
Going for the stoned hippy look. Except someone forgot to tell the dude in the black suit. How can Ireland produce some really great music and then enter THIS in Eurovision?
I really like her dress though.

05 Finland
I'm glad Finland stuck with the rock theme - I like this song, definitely the best so far.

Host costume change number 1

06 FYR Macedonia
Toilet break for Kate so this is from Graeme - I think she could have showed more leg off, there were a few cm left. As for the song it wasn't very memorable.

07 Slovenia
The goth look is really in this year - I guess they're going off the winners from last year or something, but one girl in a black dress ends up looking like all the girls in black dresses… It was OK, I guess.

08 Hungary
The road light effect thing looks wicked and I love that she's wearing jeans and a singlet. If you judge a song based on how glued to the tv you are, this one does well. And its nice to hear a different style of music

Nerd festival - Graeme'd love that

09 Lithuania
The band in silhouette is cool - the sets are kicking butt this year. Oh, did I mention I'm a bit of a theatrical design geek? I like how her guitar matches her earrings. The song's alright, but not very Eurovision - its way too mainstream I think.

I so wanna play Swamp Soccer

10 Greece
This is more like it - bouncy music, bad dancing, singing for a country you don't actually live in… totally Eurovision.

11 Georgia
I still don't get the sword-fighting, but I still love her dress.

12 Sweden
They look fantastic and the song's OK, but the two don't really seem to match up. Every band should have so much sparkle, especially on Eurovision. How funny does he look when the jacket comes off?

13 France
Ummmm… yeah… what Terry Wogan said (something like that was odd and I can't believe it won any competition in France)

14 Latvia
Are the top hats meant to make us take them more or less seriously? I'm guessing less, since they can actually sing and the song is decent and they need to fit in somehow.

15 Russia
Naughty convent school girls? Do you think they even know what they're singing?

16 Germany
I vote for him (well, if I were actually going to vote). He's cool beyond words. He's too good for Eurovision, which means he'll either do really well or tank.

17 Serbia
I'm not sure if the butch girl surrounded by the model-esque girls was supposed to be a statement, but it was kinda cool. And she has a really good voice.

18 Ukraine
AWESOME!!! I might make a disco ball hat and wear it to my brother's wedding.

I think Santa and the lighthouse dude are the same person…

19 United Kingdom
That’s the first time I've heard it all through - its pretty lame. Reminds me of Aqua - remember them? They needed to mention more eastern block countries if they want more votes.

20 Romania
That looks like a fun street party. It’s a bit stereotypical that the darkest dude in the group is the rapper though, isn't it? Actually, I like to think that might be part of their appeal, their embracing of stereotypes.

21 Bulgaria
I can't quite believe this one made it through from the semis, but then I didn't watch the whole thing, so maybe the other acts were even more dreadful?

22 Turkey
I love when they realise that singing in English makes them appeal to a broader audience, but their English is so obviously not their first language that it's kind of awkward.

LOL at their obsession with mobile phones

23 Armenia
see: Turkey, above.
Ooooh, look, the tree is waving.

24 Moldova
What on earth is she wearing?

Aww, the hosts are still in the same outfit - I was expecting more changes.

Yep, Germany was my favourite, I think. I'm gonna post this now, so I'm not tempted to spoil the winner or anything. Dude - its Santa Claus!


  1. Having read all your comments, I couldn't help myself but go look and see who won. I also won't put who the winner was and look forward to watching tonight with your comments

  2. I was the other post as well!
    This is great the boys are laughing their heads off and your comments just add that bit more interest

  3. Seriously, we sat and watched this tonight and stupid Gaelan ruined it for me cos he found out who won beforehand, so he and Kate were like, hey this is who won.

    But my gosh, Ukraine and France scared me. Like seriously scared me. And the British entry was seriously wrong.

  4. Yeah, the voting was SOOOO eastern block - really a bit of a joke.