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HP Friday 5 - times 5

OK, so I've been away/lazy/sick/whatever on Fridays for awhile and am way behind. I'm just going to put them all in one post, so those uninterested in Harry Potter can skip it. Possible spoilers, although I do try to avoid them.

April 6
1. If you could be directly related (son/brother/father etc.) to any one HP character, who would it be?
I'd be a Weasley. I'd either want to be like the second eldest or the second youngest Weasley kid. Or I could just replace Percy completely, although that'd take away the fun of picking on him.
2. If you made a Horcrux what would it be?
I wouldn't make a Horcrux, because the act required to make one would never happen. If I had to have some other disguised magical item, I would probably make it a book or something, because no-one would suspect that.
3. What was the one twist you did not see coming?
I hardly see any of them coming - I pretty much always expect a twist, but predicting what/who/how has never really worked out for me.
4. What would be a cool place for the final battle to happen, other than Hogwarts?
I don't care where it happens, as long as the right team wins.
5. What is your favorite chapter in the series?
Favourite chapter? I have to pick one? OK, I choose "Hermione's Secret" from PoA, because its still my favourite book and that chapter is exciting and full of hope and Harry is starting to really discover his power.

April 13 - Who would win the fight?
1."Batshit" Bellatrix LeStrange vs. Narcissa "Not a Sissy" Malfoy
Bellatrix for sure. Narcissa actually has an ounce of compassion for her family and Bellatrix doesn't care who gets hurt, as long as it ain't her.
2. Remus "Moony" Lupin vs. Fenrir "Will Eat Your Children" Greyback
I wanna say Lupin, but Fenrir is almost as crazy as Bellatrix. Lupin is smarter though, so that would help.
3. Gilderoy "Blonde Ambition" Lockhart vs Ludo "The Wasp" Bagman
Right now, anyone could beat Lockhart. That was probably the case before book 2 as well.
4. Severus "Don't Call me Snivellus" Snape vs "Seriously" Sirius Black
I think this is the most even match of the lot. It would depend on what the fight was about and who had the greater motivation.
5. Neville "Stubefy" Longbottom vs Peter "Pathetically Pitiful" Pettigrew
Neville - he knows what he wants and will one day get it. Pettigrew is just lame.

April 20
1. You're allowed to use a love potion on one HP character, but it will only last a few hours. Who do you choose?
I think we've established that I'm kinda against things like love potions. And besides, I don't want any HP characters fawning over me. I guess this is just for those weirdos that have a crush on Snape... Although, I guess you could use it on Voldemort - maybe the conflict of a love potion and his lack of a heart would make his head explode.
2. Who is someone you started out liking more than you do now?
Percy - I think that's how I'm supposed to feel about him though.
3. If Arthur Weasley came to visit you one day, whats the first Muggle object you'd show him?
The television. Preferably with an episode of Scrubs on. He'd love it.
4. If you were able to visit the Weasley house for a day, what's the first thing you'd like to see?
There's so much to see, but I'd start with the garden gnomes.
5. At the end of Book 3, Dumbledore tells Harry that he may be glad someday that he saved Pettigrew's life. Do you think Pettigrew will somehow return the favor in the final book?
Something like that. As I've said, I'm terrible at the predicting thing.

April 27 - Choose one character - I can't even pick a character, so I'll come back to this tomorrow - but I'll leave the questions up...
1. What are your three favorite moments for that character?
2. What’s your least favorite moment?
3. What’s your favorite quote by that character?
4. What is one thing you hope happens with your character in Book 7?
5. What is one thing that absolutely can’t happen to your character in the final book, APART FROM DEATH?

May 4
1. Which character do you actually prefer the movie version of?
I don't know that I can say this about anyone - I get frustrated when they change things too much, especially characters, so even if, say Krum, seems like a cooler, less grumpy person in the movie, I still get annoyed that they Hollywood-ised him.
2. Which character do you usually love, but dislike his or her movie portrayal?
Hmmmm, so far Ginny's been a bit lame, I'm hoping that improves in the next film.
3. What is your favorite moment/line/etc. added to the movies that doesn't show up in the books?
I think there's been a question similar to this before... anyway, I like the scene in GoF when McGonagall teaches the Gryffindors to dance. My enjoyment of the interactions between the characters and the way Harry's friendship with Fred and George was more established as they picked on Ron managed to overcome my usual annoyance at the random stuff they chuck in.
4. In a perfect world, ________ would play _________.
Stephen Fry would play someone - not sure who, but he reads the books so good. Apart from the weight issue, he'd probably make a good Slughorn.
5. What is your overall opinion of the movies?
As long as I don't get too hung up on things matching what I see in my mind, I enjoy them. But they are not the finest examples of book->film adaptations.

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