Thursday, 24 May 2007

Hey, jerk in the white van

It's called a speed limit, it's not just a suggestion. It is, in fact, required by law that I drive under or at the same speed as the little number on all the signs we are passing. Or maybe you are too busy looking at my car to see the signs. At least, I hope you're looking at my car, because if I brake and you're not looking, you will certainly hit me. And oh, by the way, rather than sitting on my arse, you can overtake me if you don't like the fact that I can see the signs and am driving at the speed limit. See that lane just to the right of us? I know there's no cars in it at the moment, but you're allowed to drive there too.

Oh, and while we're at it...

You, the dude in the big, ugly, black, 4wd thing. Let's forget the rant about your massive car and the fact that you clearly think you own the roads for a moment and concentrate on the matter at hand. That was two bits of plastic packaging you just threw out your window. Where do you think that's going to end up? It certainly won't decompose and will probably end up in the river. Don't you think the Thames (and most of London along with it) is polluted enough? Way to set an example for the kids sitting in the back seat.

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