Monday, 28 May 2007

Sunday Report

This weekend has been very slow - we had kind of set it aside for Spring cleaning (I actually understand why people need to do that now, with the whole massive winter thing) but it has rained non-stop for 2 days, making things like airing the house, washing blankets and trimming hedges quite difficult. Add the whole fact that 3-day weekends always seem to be more bludgy in our house because it feels like you have plenty of time to do things and it all adds up to late meals, lots of tv and staying in pyjamas for half of the day.

We did manage to drag ourselves out of the house to try out another church this evening though. We were warned that it was a bit of an out-of-the-ordinary service, because lots of people were away due to the long weekend and they had a guest preacher. But it was good enough that we can definitely see ourselves going back to check it out again. We chatted to quite a few people, most of whom are in a 20s & 30s group that meets weekly - they were all really friendly. The church seems to be quite active in the community, they obviously have enough attendees to do a morning and evening service, run youth groups, home groups and all that - the type of church we want to be involved in. The biggest downside is still the music - more hymns. Not that there's anything wrong with hymns, I guess, but they're not very exciting and they make the whole church experience seem more boring, I think. Oh well, as Graeme said, maybe they will play different stuff next week... Or maybe we will just have to get used to hymns, since so far, the places with the better music seem to be much more dodgy in other areas.


  1. Yay on the possible church front. Well done on overcoming the inertia that it takes to get out there church shopping - took us forever once GP baps stopped. Sometimes I just comment so you know I'm reading your blog!

  2. As Sharon says, its good to add a comment so you know we're reading your blog... I don't seem to have anything interesting to add most of the time as I'm a bit late reading your postings but I love to read what you are up to. The shopping & movie day sounds excellent.

  3. Dad says that the problem is that Aussies are the ones writing the best christian music in the world at the moment eg planetshakers, hillsong and some of the christian city churches. I'm glad you had a nice time and there where people your age as well. Keep trying cause something will come from it.