Friday, 11 May 2007

My 100th post

I feel a little pathetic saying "look at me, this is my 100th post", especially since I started this blog in JULY 2005 (I had to go look that up, and it makes me feel even worse). I need to get over the feeling that everytime I post it has to be something momentous or important. There's nothing stopping me writing about the mundane, especially since the only people who seem to be reading this are my family and a few friends from back home - or are you reading and never commenting? I'll admit I'm a little guilty of that myself, but I want to know who you are...
Maybe I should challenge myself to post a photo every day?
Or I could turn it into one of those blogs where I recap every day (although at the moment, most of my days involve me sitting on my butt doing one of three things: using the internet, watching tv or crafting) but I don't think that's very me.
One of my goals on my 101 things list is to reach 1001 blog posts here. I set it to make myself write more, but I have this internal conflict over writing often and revealing too much about myself - I guess I need to get over that.

Yeah, so this is another momentous Kate blog, about nothing in particular - I guess I am already writing about the mundane? Here's a photo...


  1. Don't ever worry about posting about the 'mundane' - it's all I ever post about! Partly it's what we who are living in another country/timezone etc are interested in - your life!

  2. I read your blog :)Usually im just too lazy to click and comment though LOL
    Dont worry, my whole blog is mundane!!And funny enough, they're the kind of entries I enjoy :)