Friday, 18 May 2007


...for the support and encouragement after my last post.

We are planning on finding a church to (semi-)regularly attend, focussing just as much on its ability to supply us with a bit of a social network as on what the services are like. We were going to go to one last Sunday, but I woke up feeling awful (and no, it wasn't a hangover). I'm tempted to check out Hillsong, because they meet in the same theatre where We Will Rock You is playing and are aimed at the right demographic, but I'm not sure. A lot of the churches here are really, really old-school with their rituals and junk. I can probably handle any service you send me to, but Graeme is likely to get weirded out. I will go to one this weekend and let you know how it was.

Thanks also to Alison for the beautifully timed phone call. Somehow it felt like less pressure to talk to you and I miss you a lot. Speaking of Alison, she's finally started a blog - go check it out and wish her happy birthday.
(told you I'd be telling people)

Now, I'm going to watch Flashdance and finish knitting my Gryffindor scarf.


  1. The scarf is cool and getting pretty long!

    It will look awesome when Kate dresses as Hermione for the book launch ;P

  2. Can you tell Alison how to let non bloggers leave messages please.I went to wish her happy birthday and couldn't. Are you sure that Hillsong might not be a bit scary as well they are a little bit over the topcm

  3. I'm glad the phone call was well timed (if a lot later than I had planned to call!). I miss you too, and will keep working on Mike so that we can visit.

    Hi Kate's Mum too... and I think I've fixed that problem now.