Saturday, 30 June 2007

HP Friday 5

It's been awhile since I did one of these... The last question is one of last week's because one of the questions was pretty much a re-worded question from a previous week.

1. What candy from the books have you always wanted to try?
I can't decide between a Chocolate Frog (because it comes with a famous wizard card) or Fizzing Whizzbees (floating would be fun)
2. What ride would you like to see made at the new HP park that will be opening next year?
A big, inside a warehouse, dark, can't see where you're going type rollercoaster based on going to a Gringott's vault. I've imagined it as an awesome theme park ride ever since I read the first book.
3. What 3 characters would you be willing to go on a roadtrip with?
I'd be willing to get in a car and roadtrip with pretty much any of the characters that are on the good side. I would probably choose Ginny, Luna and Hermione and have a girls adventure - that'd be fun. (I don't mean when they're like 14, I mean the book 7 or later characters)
4. You're given an invisibilty cloak for one week, what do you do with it?
Sneak into places I'm not supposed to be, probably - theatre, concerts, Buckingham Palace...
5. How long do you plan to spend reading DH?
The short answer: as fast as possible.
The long answer...
My DH plan (3 weeks left - squeeee) is as follows:
Have a nap during the day on Friday so I am awake for as long as possible.
Get the book at midnight from the local book store.
Walk home, probably reading the first chapter as I go.
Read as much as I can until I am practically asleep sometime on Saturday morning.
Sleep for as long as my mind allows (it will be focused on getting back up and finishing).
Finish reading as quickly as possible, avoiding the internet, tv, radio and all other outside contact. After some of the things people did when book 6 was released, I'm taking no chances - I will be so annoyed if anything gets spoiled for me.
Then on Sunday or Monday I will probably start a slower, more thorough re-read.

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