Saturday, 9 June 2007

When it rains, it pours

Well actually, that's not really the case here... when it rains it's mostly a horrible drizzly rain that goes on and on - light enough that an umbrella seems a hassle, but heavy enough that you get quite wet if you're in it too long. But I wasn't actually referring to the weather.

Yeah, so suddenly things are not just looking better, but like 100 times better. It's Summer and the weather is finally starting to feel like it - I carried, not wore, my jacket all evening tonight, even though we got home after 11. My police check came through, my paperwork got sorted and I got my first day of work in almost 6 months. We didn't only go to the West End once this week. Or twice, like I already reported - we went again tonight! (report to follow, tomorrow probably) We are also going again on Tuesday night. Today, Graeme got us tickets to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo, which means we get to go to Scotland again (I like Scotland). We're thinking of catching the train to Edinburgh (from Kings Cross - yes, the Harry Potter fan is quite excited by this idea) because if we book soon, it will probably be cheaper than driving. We just have to work out the whole accommodation-in-Edinburgh-at-festival-time thing.

Anyway, I just figured I'd posted so many depressing posts lately that I should post one to confirm that things are indeed getting better. OK, bye.


  1. So what did you see and what are you seeing next week. And as for Scotland!!!!!!
    I'm happy that you are feeling much better about stuff. HAVE FUN. love you

  2. Great to hear things are feeling better for you. You can never underestimate how the weather effects you either - they have a higher suicide rate in cold depressing countries don't they!
    I love Scotland too! When we stayed in Edinburgh (an lifetime ago) there was a great backpackers where you basically had a room in an apartment and shared the kitchen etc with other backpackers but not in a hostel etc. Was close to the Royal Mile too. Just an idea. Am SOOOOOOO jealous! But what's new!