Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Weekend Report

(since people have been asking questions - makes me feel interesting, at least)

Saturday morning we got up and went to the Bedford Park Festival - a little community event on the green (that's what they call all their open park/grassy areas) organised by one of the local churches, at least that's the impression I got. It was one of those things that you kind of walk away feeling it had so much potential and just didn't really live up to it, if that makes any sense. There were craft stalls and a stage and amusements and a 5-a-side football comp, yet there was nothing that enticed us to stay for any longer than it took us to walk from one side to the other.

Instead we went to the high street, grabbed some lunch and some bits and pieces and headed home. We spent some time on the internet - booked our travel and accommodation in Edinburgh for when we go to the Tattoo (we're catching the train :D) then bought some tickets for Ocean's 13. Went and saw it at the local cinema and, apart from the annoying people who insisted on sitting right next to us despite the empty seats and the woman sitting next to me who smelt so strongly of cigarette smoke I started to get a headache, quite enjoyed it. I'm not too sure how I feel about the film - I think the fact that it was their third heist made it quite predictable at times, because you know what sort of tricks they play and how characters will react, but it still had the Ocean's cleverness and humour - the exchange in the airport at the end is classic.

Sunday we did washing and exciting things like that, eating whatever we had left in the house because neither of us felt like going out at all. We decided to order pizza for dinner, proof that advertising works - we were watching The Simpsons (the 400th episode aired last night - a bit ho-hum really) and it's sponsored by Dominos - so we ordered online, using a coupon that gave us 50% off if we spent £30. Yes, that is a lot of money to spend on pizza. And no, we didn't only order pizza - we got salad, chicken things, a garlic bread/pizza, dessert and a drink as well. We had leftovers for dinner tonight it was so much food. Then we played Zelda on the wii. Well, I played while Graeme instructed me how to get past a bit I was stuck at and then he played while I read a book.

And that was our weekend.

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