Tuesday, 26 June 2007

So annoyed right now...

...I don't really feel like writing a blog post, but I figured it would be easier than explaining it to people individually. So, some of you knew that I got a phone call last week offering me 3 days a week at one school for the rest of the year (which is actually only 4 weeks, but as my aim is to work at least 10 days before the end of the year, it's perfect). I was hesitant to accept, because it was a bit of a hike - over an hour by public transport and who knows how long by car in London's peak hour traffic - but I was assured that I could consider today a trial and needn't go back if I didn't have a good day.

Well, turns out I don't actually have a choice either way. The agency dude obviously fed me a pack of rubbish to try and get me there so he'd his commission cheque or something. The school does need someone 3 days a week, but they considered today purely a trial - no guarantee of any further work. In fact, they've got someone else coming in later in the week to do a trial day for the same position, which seems a bit ridiculous to me when they are clearly seeking some continuity in this particular situation, but that's their choice, and I'm not annoyed at them for running their school the way they want to. I am annoyed at the guy from the teaching agency though and when I rang to find out what the hell was going on and spoke to his manager instead, I had no problems telling him how pissed off I was (don't worry, I was very civil and proper and didn't actually use any inappropriate words).

And it REALLY sucks, because it actually seems like a pretty nice place to work and the 10 or so days of work would have made some progress towards me feeling better about my whole situation. Seriously though, if they don't pull their act together, I will be signing up with another agency before publicly outing the name and details of this crappy agency and actively discouraging everyone I know from doing business with them.

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