Wednesday, 20 June 2007

I love getting mail

Today there were 3 things in the mail and none of them were bills and all of them were for me (even though one had Graeme's name on it).
The first was a postcard from that swap I was talking about; no-one has got the ones from me yet, so I still can't post pictures. I guess I could post pictures of the ones I've received (3 so far, I should get at least 2 more) but taking and uploading photos seems like too much effort right now.
The second was to tell me that my cervical screening test was clear, which might be something my male readers (like my brothers and dad) don't want to think about and isn't really that exciting, but it's a few weeks past when they said I'd have my results and I was thinking I'd have to chase it up. Plus, news like that is always good, right?
Finally, the one addressed to Graeme was my free Sharpie - a light blue one. Now, I already have a lot of Sharpies (I bought a pack of 18 different colours when we were in the States), I even have this colour already, but I couldn't pass up a free pen, could I? They seem to be introducing them properly into the UK market and there was one of those interactive ads on sky where you press the red button while the ad is playing and they send you out a freebie, or you enter a competition or whatever else they use it for.
So yeah, I love getting mail. And I love sending it out too, even though I've been a bit slack about that lately. Anyone want to be my pen-pal?

In other news, I feel a bit like the Girl who cried Sick because I haven't worked since Monday last week. I had most of last week off because I felt crummy, but now that I'm REALLY sick (just a bad flu as far as I can tell, but with hay fever as well, so I really feel like crap) I kind of feel like I was just being a big baby last week. The problem with supply teaching is that there is no way I can face a day of work if I don't feel up to scratch. If I was working full time, I probably would've gone to work last week and survived - I could've set some low key work and relied on the knowledge that I knew pretty much what was coming at me. This week though, I'd still be in my pyjamas on the couch like I am now.

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