Monday, 4 June 2007

Weekend Report

On Friday night, we decided we should actually do something this weekend, so yesterday we went to Canterbury. We basically saw the cathedral and that was it. Although our odd tourist luck kicked in once again and we managed to turn up on the only weekend when a bunch of their usually private gardens and stuff were open to raise money for charity - we even saw one of their ministers collecting rhubarb from her garden for dinner. I had a bad camera day though, trying out a bunch of things that didn't really work, so I'm not sure I'm happy to stick any of my photos up - I'll have another look at them in the morning though. And I'll write up a proper report for our website.

Since we were over that side of London, we went back to Bluewater (the big shopping centre), the main motivation for which was that Graeme wanted TGI Friday's for dinner. We wandered the shops but didn't buy much - why are all the clothes at the moment so ugly or expensive or both? Of course, we bought some dvds. That's pretty much our spending staple and the reason we still have a bunch of movies I haven't seen. We had dinner and drove home...

...where we crashed and watched Clerks II. I have to say, I definitely liked it more than the first one. I know Clerks. is all cult-classic and that, but I think the second one was better, although it probably wouldn't be as good if you haven't seen the first. I love how Kevin Smith manages to tie all his films together and use the same actors over again. The fact they work at Mooby's, the cameos he gets, the LOTR vs Star Wars argument - all great. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone who is easily offended though, but that can probably apply to any Kevin Smith film.

Today we slept in late and then ran some errands, including a trip to Ikea. I don't know why I love Ikea so much, but I do. And I have to tell you I was quite happy when I first found out we had one so close by. I mainly bought storage stuff - I can never have enough it seems, especially when we are trying to live in a space about 1/3 the size of the smallest house we'd lived in back in Oz.

This evening we went back to the same church as last week. I have to say, we're not as keen on it as we were last week. I guess it didn't help that we were tired, but we both had pretty major concentration lapses at various points. It was weird though, because the music was better, but the other stuff was worse. We're starting to wonder if its just the English way of doing things or something, that makes things so routine and, well, boring. We've decided to try out what we'd usually consider a bit of an extreme and see how that compares, because maybe a toned down, English version of something like Hillsong will be what we actually want. Maybe not, but its worth the try. And we'll give the one we've been to twice now another chance or two.

And with that, I need to head to bed - I'm planning on starting my (hopefully habit building) 2 weeks of daily jogging/exercise in the morning and it's technically already Monday...

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  1. I love Ikea too! Can't wait for the house to be finished and have a reason to go and look at the storage stuff again!