Monday, 25 June 2007

Shrek the Third

Although it's not officially released until Thursday, we went and saw Shrek the Third yesterday afternoon. It wasn't as good as the first two. By animated-movies-aimed-at-kids standards, it was still pretty good, but it didn't live up to its predecessors at all. I don't even know how strongly I'd encourage seeing it in the cinema, especially if it's going to be an expensive outing for you. I'm not sure how to quantify why I didn't enjoy it as much... They broke from some of their own formulas - there wasn't as much music, it started with a series of LONG scenes rather than some snappy little thing that set the tone, the jokes weren't as clever or as funny - and yet re-used gags that were done with, like the whole switching bodies thing (I don't think that spoils anything). It kind of felt like they tried to tell too many stories at once, yet somehow there were really slow bits. It didn't start OR end with a bang of any sort. I remember seeing the first one and thinking it was awesome. Then seeing the second and couldn't believe they'd managed to make it even better. If the stories Graeme is telling me about them making a 4th and 5th are true, I really hope they get some of the magic back.
Oh, but the babies, both dragon/donkey and ogre, are totally adorable.


  1. I don't believe it! We saw something before you!!! I didn't mind Shrek - but given that I saw it with a bunch of kids as a school outing thing I can't really give a detailed review - I was happy as long as it kept Finn's attention. Did like the girl power bit though.
    Still don't believe we saw it before you - next month will be so envious that you are seeing/reading new HP and I can't do no3 yet!!!

  2. yes it is amazing in general when Australia gets things before UK/US but I guess in this case the economics of waiting to the summer school holidays outweighed the chance to release it at a similar time to everywhere else.