Saturday, 30 June 2007

A quick work-related update

I feel like this is such boring stuff to write about on my blog all the time, but you seem to want to know, so here's the latest. I got a phone call yesterday from the guy who'd originally set this 3-day-a-week thing up (I hate trying to stay somewhat anonymous, it would be much easier to name the person and the school and all that, but I don't really want this to be searchable). Clearly, he'd got an earful from his manager and was trying to explain himself or something. It just all sounded like excuses and rubbish to me and I basically called him out on it and he clearly got the point that I was peeved. I kinda thought I'd never hear from him again...
Then today, he rings and was really great. Obviously, whatever I'd said yesterday had made him check himself or something. Anyway, it's set up and I will be doing 3 days a week for the rest of the year at that one school. Due to a pre-planned long weekend on our part and the shorter final week of school, it only actually comes out to 7 days, but maybe it will lead to more work or something... we'll see. At least I won't feel bad about spending money in Lisbon this weekend :)

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  1. Have a good weekend in Lisbon and enjoy yourself. I'm off to the craft show this morning and then footy tonight. Finally good news about teaching, and yes I hope it leads to more later this year