Monday, 18 June 2007

This is what happens when you're sick

A quick update:
Monday - worked
Tuesday - Graeme felt sick, we both stayed home. Still went out to the theatre though, which might've been a mistake...
Wednesday - Now we both were sick
Thursday - Graeme went back to work (another mistake), I stayed in bed half the day and was very unproductive for the rest.
Friday - Graeme felt worse again, but still went to work, silly boy. I stayed in and attempted to recover.

After that week, you can probably imagine that we didn't do much this weekend. Graeme worked on reformatting his computer (and all the backing-up and then re-installing that that involves) and I did some of my scrapbook, which is woefully behind, and made some postcards for my first ever online swap, which I can't show you until they reach their destinations (Canada, New Zealand and the USA). I kinda felt bad, since I haven't even sent my friends and family any postcards since we came here, but it was the perfect little project to try out this whole swapping thing. I liked doing it though, so there might be some handmade postcards in your future (well, those of you whose addresses I have, which I admit is not that many).

Anyway, that is why the somewhat regular posting habit that I was establishing fell to pieces this week.... Now, on to the play review.

Boeing Boeing is set in the 60s, right when Boeing were introducing the 747. There's a playboy guy that lives in Paris and has a rotation of 3 flight attendants that spend their layovers in Paris at his house. He is engaged to all of them and none of them know about the others. It is working fine, until Boeing introduce their new plane, which means faster travel and turnaround times. And, of course, whackiness ensues. The best characters are the maid and the friend of the playboy, who have fantastic reactions to the whole situation. Some of it does feel dated, but all the old bitties in the audience loved it :) It was funny, if a bit predictable, and was kind of like watching a romantic comedy on a stage instead of a screen.

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